Friday, July 6, 2012

Quarterfinals! Game 6 vs Canada

USA 113 - Canada 59

Gold Standard #8: INTELLIGENCE. We take good shots. We're aware of team fouls. We know the scouting report.

We've reached the quarterfinals with a 5 - 0 record so we play Canada which was 4th in the other pool.  The game is slated for 3:45 (7:45 am CT).  Breakfast was served at 8:00 then the team had a shoot around.  Lunch/pre-game will be held in the restaurant at 12:15.  The restaurant food is made to order for the team and better than the dining hall.

GO TEAM USA!  We are in the medal round games now and striving for the GOLD!

J3 and Conner at the pre-game meal.
Pre-game meal line.

Team USA is ready!

Way to go Team USA!

Job well done.

Coaches discussing the game

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