Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Game 4: USA vs France

USA 86 - France 50

Gold Standard # 2 - GREAT DEFENSE. This is the key to winning the gold. We do the dirty work.

Our game today is the last one of the day - 8:30 (1:30 PM CT).  We had breakfast at 10:00.  Breakfast consists of:  scrambled eggs, chicken and pork sausages, potatoes, cold meats, cheeses, cereals, breads, pastries, and juices.  Practice at the arena's practice gym was held from 11:00 - 11:45.  They are very strict about practice times and you must get off the floor for the next team scheduled at the exact time.  Lunch in the dining hall was after practice - the players sometimes have trouble finding foods that they will eat.  I see lots of bread and rice on the plates.  Chicken livers with vegetables in a sauce just didn't make it to the plates today!!  They do serve lots of fresh vegetable salads using green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. but the boys by-pass those.  I have yet to get a brownie and I asked the players to save me one next time they appear.

Practice Time!

Team trainer Debi and team doctor Diane helping the players get ready for practice.

Putting in a new defense.

Pre-game meal was in the first floor restaurant.  The players were excited about BJ's choice of spaghetti, rice, broccoli, and chicken.

Homework Reports.  They were all given homework - to look up several players that wore their USA number and report on the playing time and stats.  We all realized that these now superstar basketball players had very average amounts of playing time and stats.  Its all about what's best for the team!
Kendrick's report

Conner's report

Way to go, Team USA!  4 - 0!

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