Monday, July 2, 2012

Orphanage Visit

Today was a Rest Day - a day off between games.  A service trip to a state run orphanage was set up.  We are so blessed with much in the USA and this visit was about giving back.  We loaded the bus from the hotel and we weren't quite sure what to expect.  We arrived at the orphanage and were given a quick tour of the little children's area.  The orphanage was clean and cheerfully decorated.

Then we headed outside to the basketball court and met the other youngsters.  Everyone (USA players and youngsters) was shy at first.  Team USA was wonderful - despite their comfort level they started introducing themselves to the kids and asking them to shoot baskets.

At the one end of the court the littlest ones were attempting to make baskets and enjoyed getting lifted up for dunks.  One asked if they could keep Beejay as a "toy"!

Beejay with the little ones.

Coach Showalter got everyone involved with some dribbling & passing drills.  Shooting contests among teams of USA players/youngsters finished up the visit.

Conner, Joel, Dekari, and Stanley having a great time!
Dribbling/passing drills

Now for the shooting drills. 
Coach Showalter getting the youngsters organized.
The local media was there to document our visit.  
Beejay doing an interview.

Joel with Claire
Among the older group was 1 girl - Claire.  We all fell in love with this adorable eight year old!  She was shooting, rebounding, and participating along with our tall USA Team.  When we were ready to go we were told that Claire said "Everyone knows my name. I am famous!"

Group photo before we said good-bye

Claire and Coach Showalter

Good-bye little ones!

Did we bless their day?  I certainly hope so.  I know that this visit and these youngsters blessed mine!  

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