Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Day Has Arrived!

Yes, we are slated for the Gold Medal game tonight at 8:30 (12:30 CT).  So what do we do as we wait for game time - practice in the arena, shop, get a massage, hang out, nap, pack up, and get stuck in the elevator on the way down to the pre-game meal.


Madison and Pauline in the chocolate shop!



Coach Showalter catching a little nap.

TRUE STORY - 11 of the players got in the elevator to go from the 7th floor to the 1st floor for the pre-game meal.  As they came around the corner to the restaurant from the stairwell they are all laughing.  The elevator got stuck on the way down.  They used the innercom to let the hotel know.  According to Stanley they didn't really believe them, but said they would send someone.  Then Joel punched the innercom to tell them to hurry as it was HOT in there.   Eleven big, tall guys in one little elevator - I guess it would be hot and crowded! They were rescued!  They crawled out of the elevator that had dropped down some and stuck.  Another memory!!

Gold Standard #6: CARE. We have each other's back. We give aid to a teammate.

After the game tonight the hotel is hosting a "friendship party" for all of the teams and staff at 11:30.  We board the bus at 2:30 AM!!  Off to Vilnius to catch our 6 AM flight to Frankfurt to Chicago, then to Las Vegas.

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  1. I finally figure how to post a comment and this is the last day Vicky. It's 4:00 pm here in st Louis so I am so anxious to see if we won. I hope your journey home is smooth and problem free. Give my clan a big hug.
    Good luck
    Joan gray